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Xiaomi confirms Foxconn getting approval to resume manufacturing in India

India is currently under extended lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country. Amid this, there are uncertainties about letting smartphone makers open factories to resume manufacturing process. But there are some good news for Xiaomi. Muralikrishnan B, Chief Operating Officer, Xiaomi India has confirmed that Foxconn, the company’s contract manufacturer, has received […]

Hi-Tech Xiaomi

Xiaomi launches a smart Mobile Air-conditioner priced at ¥1599 (~$226)

In most homes, it is rare to find an air conditioning system in the kitchen. In winter, this may not pose any challenge but cooking during the summer will definitely be associated with sweating due to the ambient temperature. In this regard, Xiaomi Youpin has launched a third-party mobile air-conditioner. The product is manufactured by […]

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