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Turkmenistan Holds National Horse Day, Authoritarian Leader Reveals $680 Million Spent On His Passion

Turkmenistan has marked national Horse Day, an annual holiday particularly loved by authoritarian President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov. Turkmenistan continues to host crowded festivities, sports competitions, and horse races despite the coronavirus pandemic. Officially the tightly controlled country has not registered any coronavirus cases, a claim critics and health experts doubt. State media reported a series of […]


Own Goal? Turkmenistan Restarts Soccer Season, Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus forces lockdowns across the world, several hundred soccer fans gathered in a stadium in Turkmenistan’s capital, Ashgabat, to attend a domestic league match. Following a short break, Turkmenistan on April 19 rebooted its eight-team soccer league with a clash between Altyn Asyr and Kopetdag, less than a month after suspending it. The […]


Well-Known Turkmen Actor ‘Under Arrest’ For Allegedly Being Gay

ASHGABAT — A well-known Turkmen entertainer has reportedly been arrested on charges of being gay, which is a crime in the tightly-controlled Central Asian nation.The website cited several sources in the Turkmen capital, Ashgabat, as saying that the actor and showman, whose identity was not disclosed, was arrested along with about a dozen other […]


Amid Pandemic, Turkmenistan Holds Mass Exercise Events To Mark World Health Day

Turkmenistan has organized a series of mass exercise events to mark World Health Day, even as countries across the globe impose physical-distancing measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The gas-rich Central Asian country claims to have no registered cases of the virus and has sought to silence any discussion about the pandemic. Authoritarian […]


Turkmen District Further Restricts Daily ATM Cash Withdrawals, Card Payments

DARGANATA, Turkmenistan — Authorities in Turkmenistan’s eastern Darganata district have further limited daily ATM cash withdrawals for individuals, another sign the Central Asian energy-rich nation may be cash-strapped. An RFE/RL correspondent reported on April 6 from the district capital, Darganata, that over the weekend local automated tellers started giving clients a maximum of 100 manats […]


Virus? What Virus? Turkmenistan Seals Off Capital, Restricts Travel, But Doesn’t Mention COVID-19

Turkmenistan has sealed off its capital, Ashgabat, ostensibly due to the coronavirus without any public announcement by authorities or state media in the tightly controlled Central Asian nation. RFE/RL correspondents in the country said late on March 19 that exceptions were being made for vehicles carrying food supplies and other cargo to the capital. Traffic […]

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