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Qualcomm and BOE partners to make Flexible Displays with 3D Sonic Sensors

Qualcomm has announced that it has partnered with BOE Technology Group, one of the leading player in the displays market, to produce new flexible displays that feature the 3D Sonic ultrasonic fingerprint sensors. The company has also begun working on incorporating its security feature into BOE’s flexible OLED panels. Qualcomm says that this partnership is intended […]

Hi-Tech Qualcomm

Qualcomm launches QCC514x and QCC304x for TWS earbuds with integrated noise cancellation

Qualcomm, which is dominating the mobile chipsets market, has now announced two new chipsets for the true wireless earbuds — Qualcomm QCC514x and Qualcomm QCC304x which promises to bring premium features. Both these new chipsets support Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Mirroring technology for more reliable connections and also comes integrated with dedicated hardware for Qualcomm’s hybrid active […]

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