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Moldovan Court Rules Russian Loan Violates Law

CHISINAU — Moldova’s Constitutional Court has ruled that a 200 million-euro ($216 million) loan agreement with Russia is unconstitutional. “The court decision is final and cannot be challenged,” the head of the Constitutional Court, Domnica Manole said on May 7, two weeks after the loan agreement was ratified by parliament. The government had hoped the […]


Moldova’s Pro-Moscow President Says Suspension Of Russian Loan Risks Economic Crisis

Moldovan President Igor Dodon has accused the opposition of triggering an economic crisis during the coronavirus pandemic by blocking a 200 million-euro ($215 million) loan agreement with Russia.The agreement was ratified by parliament on April 23, but the Constitutional Court blocked the deal after being petitioned by a pro-European opposition lawmaker.Prime Minister Ion Chicu said […]


Moldova Reaches Loan Agreements With Russia, IMF To Counter Outbreak Fallout

Moldova’s government has approved $470 million worth of loans from Russia and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to reduce a growing budget deficit caused by the coronavirus outbreak.The agreements were approved on April 21 in a government meeting held online.Prime Minister Ion Chicu said the two loans will help plug a rapidly growing budget deficit […]


U.S. Officials Confirm Moldova’s Plahotniuc In U.S. Despite Visa Ban, Will Seek His Deportation

CHISINAU — U.S. officials say that Vlad Plahotniuc, a powerful Moldovan oligarch and political figure linked to a massive bank theft, is in the United States despite being subject to a visa ban earlier this year. Officials confirmed earlier reporting by RFE/RL that said Plahotniuc was in the country, and said they were preparing to […]

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