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Hungary’s Orban Rejects Accusations Of Authoritarianism As ‘Fake News’

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has accused his political opponents and Hungary’s allies alike of “spreading fake news” about the EU member’s coronavirus law that allows his government to rule by decree for an unlimited period. Hungary’s parliament, where Orban’s right-wing Fidesz party holds a comfortable majority, approved legislation on March 30 giving him sweeping new […]


Hungary To Expel Iranian Students For Alleged Breaches Of Quarantine

Hungary says it will begin expelling 14 Iranian students on April 16 for alleged violations of coronavirus quarantine rules.The Iranians “displayed blatantly antisocial, violent behavior” while under quarantine in a Budapest hospital last month, police Lieutenant Colonel Robert Kiss said on April 15.Eleven of the students are to be expelled on April 16; the other […]


EU Warns Against Using Pandemic To Undermine Democracy

In a thinly veiled warning to right-wing Hungarian Prime Minister VIktor Orban, the European Union’s executive said on March 31 that emergency measures adopted by member states to fight the coronavirus crisis cannot undercut democracy.”It is of utmost importance that emergency measures are not at the expense of our fundamental principles and values…Democracy cannot work […]

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