Qualcomm CEO: Relationship with Apple is ‘much more natural’ after legal battle

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Qualcomm CEO: Relationship with Apple is ‘much more natural’ after legal battle

In a recent interview, Steve Mollenkopf, the CEO of Qualcomm, talked about the company’s current relationship with the Cupertino based giant, Apple. The two companies had fought a legal battle but the senior Qualcomm official feels that the relations are “much more natural now.”

For those unaware, Apple had accused Qualcomm of ‘double dipping’ (basically making Apple pay for the sale of chips and its patent license, which is illegal in some cases) and the iPhone maker then proceeded to withhold any payments to the known chipmaker. However, while the accusations had landed both sides to the court, the two sides announced a massive settlement at the very last minute right before the trial actually began. This deal as Mollenkopf puts it, made the relationship between the two companies much more natural.
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The Qualcomm CEO further added that “the discussion is really about products and how do we launch products as fast as possible. It’s much more natural.” Notably, Apple is expected to bring 5G networking to the iPhone 12 lineup through Qualcomm modems, so this might be a step towards better cooperation between both sides in the future. The interview was taken by Bloomberg and had Steve Mollenkopf also discuss the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the CEO, Qualcomm “saw a pretty substantial drop in the China market. In the month of February, it really dropped pretty significantly. But what was surprising, it actually rebounded pretty quickly as well. It took about five weeks for it to correct itself and get back to a level of sell-in that’s not too different from what it was a year ago. In the process of doing that, it actually transitioned more of the phones as a percentage to 5G.”
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